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Nowadays, even a teacher-student relation can be questioned. Sexy teachers prove to be the major source of distraction these days, agree? However, 1 wrong step from the teacher or the student can ruin everything.

Well, a 25 year old American teacher has been arrested, after being accused of indulging in a physical relationship with 3 students; out of 3, one was 16 year old while the other 2 were 17 year old.

Erin McAuliffe, who used to teach Maths at Rocky Mount Preparatory school, was arrested for her misconduct. Detectives conducted interviews and questioned the staff and students of the school.

According to reports,

“She was held in Carteret County Jail on $20,000 bail with the first court appearance scheduled for 13th of June.”

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As per the police officials, these encounters took place outside the school campus. McAuliffe joined the school last year in the month of August; after interrogation, it was found that she is single.

Reports also say,

“Sex with a minor under North Carolina Law can carry a sentence of 51-64 months in prison, and with this being her first reported offence, it’s likely it would not go beyond that.”

Apart from being charged and arrested McAuliffe has been fired from the school. Let’s see what happens in the court. We shall keep you updated.

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