Happily Never After: The Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau Sham

Marianel Andrea

Urvi Shah, the CEO of the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau
Courtesy: Indianwomenblog.org

Gays have been looked down upon by society for being “different”. Many countries have outlawed being one, and even if some have not prohibited it, many people that have shown their disgust towards it have disowned anyone who claims to be one. But as time has progressed, many have learned to accept them; many societies formed have advocacies focused on protecting the LGBTQ+ Community and letting the public know that they are still a person like them—a human being that possesses feelings and thoughts in which those qualities make them an individual. Unfortunately, some people have targeted this particular group of people to manipulate them into giving them money in exchange for a same-sex partner. One of these manipulators is the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau headed by Urvi Shah, a straight 24-year-old Gujarati Girl. She has met Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, the first transgender to represent the Asia Pacific in the United Nations in 2008, and Manvendra Singh Gohil, India’s first openly gay prince.

According to Miss Shah in the bureau’s website, “I am committed to the cause of matching the potential gay partners with their potential like-minded partners and assure our clients that we have an awesome pool of potential gay partners from around the world to be matched.” The site claims to serve over 3,700 clients worldwide, promising the person who has participated to a suitable partner at the total price of $900 (equivalent to 68,323.50 Indian Rupees). 

VICE’s Reeta Loi tries to use the service to find a suitable partner for herself and follows a gay named Keith as he uses the service as well. During the first few months, Urvi tried to explain to Reeta that the site was supposed to serve as “parents” for those who are finding same-sex partners on their platform who have damaged relationships with their biological parents after revealing their sexuality. This has given Reeta the feeling of assurance. Four months after this, Reeta called Urvi for updates about her matches. Urvi apologized since she claims to have fired seven of her employees. I found it strange because if you venture into her site, the only profile shown will be Urvi’s. She’s the only counselor to be shown on the site too. She then proceeded to tell Reeta that she would send 2-3 profiles (of Reeta’s matches) in the following week.

A month after this, Keith has received two matches, but he didn’t think they were of compatibility with them and requested Urvi for a Punjabi guy. It was then on the sixth month, Reeta received her first two matches. Unfortunately, the matches were far from what she has asked for. Six weeks have passed after the results of the matches, and no new matches were showing up. Reeta decided to research the information that was given to her about a girl who had an 86% match with her. It turns out that the information was copied from other profiles from other sites. The next months were focused on researching more about the site and more evidence was shown that none of the couples showed on their site even used it! She has contacted the people on some photos and they claimed that they never knew the site existed nor even used it. She then proceeded to tell Keith about the data that she has gathered and proved the fact that the site was no other than a sham. In the last month, she has tried to contact Urvi but she wasn’t replying to their video calls. When they had succeeded in contacting her, Reeta confronted her about what she knew and that she should correct what she has done. However, Urvi denies all these allegations and claims that the bureau is a 100% real and legitimate site.

It is never commendable to usurp money from people, especially those who have been persecuted by society and only hope to find a partner. What Urvi did what horrible. It’s a shame that she has met people of the LGBTQ+ Community who were working to let the world accept them for who they are and regard them with the same treatment that straight people receive when Urvi has deceived lots of other gays and lesbians with the promise of true love.

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