PUBG Mobile challenges you to win a Chicken Dinner in 15 minutes


PUBG Mobile has announced the ‘Chicken Dinner in 15 minutes challenge.’ As the name would suggest, players are invited to try and win a Chicken Dinner in the game’s newest map, Livik in under 15 minutes. However, in order to participate, players must be at least 18 years old. The submission deadline for the challenge is July 28.

Gotta win fast!

Steps to enter:
1.) Play on Livik and record a video of the win and results screen
2.) Post on social media and tag 3 friends + use #ChickenDinnerIn15Mins and #PUBGM
3.) Upload here:


PUBG Mobile challenges: How to participate

In order to partake in the competition, show a record of you playing the new Livik map and getting a Chicken Dinner in less than 15 minutes. In order to do so, players can start recording the moment they win a Chicken Dinner and then show the Detailed Statistics page. Notably the ‘Survival Time’. 

Players then need to upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They should also ensure that they use the tags #ChickenDinnerin15mins and #PUBGM in the description. It should be noted that the uploaded video should only feature the new Livik map.

Once uploaded, players need to fill out this link. 

PUBG Mobile challenges: Prizes

The top three winners will get an Extreme Climber Set (15d), while the fourth to tenth place teams will get the Alpine Climber Set (15d). It should be noted that those playing Solo are guaranteed the prize, while only one member of a team will get the price. PUBG Mobile also notes that if multiple teams are at a tiebreaker for time, points from kills will be taken into account.

You may want to check out our basic guide to the new Livik map if you’re thinking of participating. You can check that out here.

If you prefer the scenic route, check out there coolest locations in Livik here.


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