Fake PUBG Mobile India trailers flood the internet


While Cyberpunk 2077 might arguably be the most anticipated games of 2020 on a global scale, it would be safe to assume that PUBG Mobile India might have that crown in India. Months after its initial ban by the Indian government, the players got a glimmer of hope in the form of PUBG Mobile India. This will be a new version of PUBG Mobile that has been specifically designed for India and as one might expect, anticipation and excitement levels are quite high. 

However, in this excitement, a lot of people are getting caught up in rumours and fake information. Case in point is a number of YouTube videos popping up claiming to be ‘official’ trailers for PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, almost all of them are fan-made videos that have stitched together older PUBG Mobile trailers. Some have also changed the channel name to resemble the official PUBG Mobile India channels. 

Of course, while there is nothing explicitly wrong with creating fan-made trailers. One could argue that not making the same clear in the video, title, or even the description is a little misleading, to say the least. Some might also ask you to download the ‘official’ APK, which you should absolutely avoid at all cost. Thankfully, most of the trailers that we see have seen relatively harmless. Needless to say, players and fans should stick to official channels to stay updated when it comes to PUBG Mobile India’s official social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The links for the same have been embedded in their respective names.

A few days ago, rumours started circulating that PUBG Mobile India was going to launch on November 20. Obviously, that did not happen. It turns out that the information most probably arose from misunderstandings. You can learn more about that here. 

However, the launch of PUBG Mobile India does seem quite close. Earlier today, it was revealed that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recognised PUBG India Pvt Ltd as an established individual entity based out of Bengaluru. This means that the developers are very close to an official announcement about the game and fans would not have to wait much longer. Having said that, there is no official word on the exact launch date yet. 

source https://www.digit.in/news/gaming/fake-pubg-mobile-india-trailers-flood-the-internet-57364.html

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