Garena Free Fire roadmap for May, 2021: Mothers Day event, new Faded Wheel and more


Garena Free Fire has announced its roadmap for the month of May. As always, the developers have a bunch of things lined up. This includes a special Mother’s Day event, a new Faded Wheel, and more

Garena Free Fire Love Mom event – May 3 to May 10

As the name would suggest, Love Mom is an event to celebrate Mother’s Day. During the event, players can complete a variety of challenges and missions. These will reward players with tokens, which can be combined with aftermath drops and exchanged for the Violet Parkour Bundle.

Garena Free Fire Faded Wheel: Fury Wheel – May 4 to May 10

The new Faded Wheel bundle is called Fury Senior and features a number of sword-themed items. The secondary prize is the Blood Moon Katana, a melee weapon that you can use to slice and dice your opponents. 

Clowns Magic Trick – May 10 to May 14

This event ties to the overall circus theme of the Theatre of Torment Elite Pass. This event tasks players with completing missions. These missions range from defeating enemies to simply dealing damage. Those who are successful will earn Sneaky Clown Weapon Loot Crates and Clown Facepaint. 

Garena Free Fire Diamond Royale: Wildfire Rogue Bundle – May 10 to June 9

This month’s Diamond Royale features a wild west theme. The bundle will include wild west inspired clothes like cowboy hats, leather jackets, and more. 

You can learn more about this month’s activities here.

As mentioned before, this month’s Elite Pass for Free Fire is called Theatre of Torment and it features a circus theme. The pass introduced two new characters to the game’s lore. This includes David the magician and Mysty and beast-tamer. Players will be able to earn David’s Cursed Magician Bundle or Mysty’s Cursed Beast Tamer Bundle. Other rewards include the Horror Clown box skin, the Torment Cage backpack, the Torment Throttle surfboard skin, and a Theatre of Torment skin for the grenade, SPAS12, and motorcycle.

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Garena Free Fire roadmap for May, 2021: Mothers Day event, new Faded Wheel and more

Garena Free Fire has […]