Android users may see enhanced iMessage reactions with this new Google update


iPhone users have their own messaging interface known as iMessages. Users can interact with each other via the same, as well as send messages to friends on Android. However, since Android does not support iMessage, the texts are received as SMSs, and follow the same protocol and format as carrier messages. Now, according to GSM Arena, a new Google Messages update may change the way Android users receive messages sent via iMessage.

Android users may see enhanced iMessage reactions with this new Google update

How will the new Google Update change iMessages?

The change is likely to occur at Android’s end, since the OS does not support the same formatting and features as iMessage. With the new Google update, users will be able to see iMessage reactions as emojis at their end. This was previously not possible, and should enhance the overall texting experience for most users. 

iMessage users can send a variety of reactions on the app to their friends using the same app. However, when reactions are sent to users on Android, they are automatically converted to either of the two texts – “Liked” or “I am doing great!”. This, of course, does not necessarily fit into each and every conversation seamlessly and can be rather jarring for those in the middle of a conversation.

The conversion of reactions to emojis should make the sender’s intent much clearer, making the overall texting experience better for both parties. 

Android Users May See Enhanced iMessage Reactions with this new Google Update

Other Google Updates That May Come Along

GSM Arena also noticed a string of code that implies that Google will send reminders when a person’s birthday is coming closer (or on the day itself). This would work provided you’ve saved birthday details along with the contact information that one would normally save while creating a new contact on the phone. 

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